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standard-title Case Experience

Case Experience

Case sharing by those who had LASIK

INTRALASE is safe and reliable

“Crystal clear vision is required in my profession. I had IntraLase LASIK in 2005. The result was extraordinary. I don’t need to wear contact lenses anymore whether it’s performing surgery or in daily life.”

LASIK takes only 15 minutes

Working as a fireman, Mr. Yeung found wearing glasses or contact lenses very inconvenient. He was delighted by the result of LASIK. “All it took was just 15 minutes and I didn’t feel any pain. I could see clearly the following morning. I don’t need to wear glasses now. It’s a lot more convenient when working. And no more issue of dioptre when buying sunglasses and swimming goggles. It’s amazing.”

The staff of ChampionLasik Centre are caring

“The staff of ChampionLasik Centre are very caring, like friends, they gave me confidence and I felt safe. Now no more mist on the glasses going in and out of air-conditioned places. Also, no more embarrassment from not being able to see things around without glasses. My girlfriend had LASIK before me. The result was great on her. The LASIK seminar gave me confidence. So I decided to give it a change.”

Post LASIK sharing: Ms Yuen

Eye exam and surgery could complete in the same day. First week after surgery, my vision is clear except a bit dry in the morning. Centre’s facilities were compatible to hospital, comfortable, instruments advanced, staff are attentive.

Post LASIK sharing: Mr Chan

Wearing contact lens for years, my eyes started feeling dry and discomfort. My friend has had lasik at Champion LASIK Centre with good visual outcome. Therefore I feel safe during my operation. After surgery, it was a bit fuzzy but I could see already. The second day, my vision already about 60-70% recovered, it seemed that I was wearing my contact lens. The staff at Champion had made clear explanation and guidance. After all, the result was satisfactory. I will recommend this centre to my friends.

Post LASIK sharing: Ms Lau

Prolong contact lens wearing makes my eye sore and dry. I usually wear contact lens just before performance which is very inconvenient. Also, I need frequent use of artificial tears. During surgery, I am a bit nervous but with the guidance from doctor, I feel relieved and comfort. Now I don’t need to concern contact lens complications and enjoy dancing and running without glasses. And I can even see my music note clearly under dim light.

Post LASIK sharing: Ms Wong

The night after surgery, my eyes were tearing and sensitive to light but I could already see clearly.  The next day, all the discomfort was gone and I felt happy. The staff and doctor are friendly and professional.

Post LASIK sharing: Mr Chan

My friend has recommended this centre, so I have my lasik here. The eye doctor had explained the surgery procedures in details that comforted me a lot. The whole operation completed quickly. The next day I could see clearly and feel refresh. It is very convenient for my daily life. The doctor, nurses and optometrist are very nice with easy access location. I will recommend my friends too.

Post LASIK sharing: Ms Chu

Hospital work needs shift duty that makes contact lens wear intolerable. After sugery, I am happy that I can enjoy my life without my glasses.

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